On-line registration system

The system allows the following:

  • Login and registration of participants
  • Registration of participants with subsequent generation of advance payment invoices for payment of participation fees, accommodation, etc.
  • On-line registration and sending of expert articles (abstracts, full texts, etc.)
  • Changes and adjustments of contributions by participants, respectively
  • Records of contributions and administration of database
  • Opposition procedure of expert team followed by communication with the participants via system e-mails
  • Orders, changes and registration of accommodation
  • Orders of social events, their evidence
  • Issuance and registration of invoices (advance payment and final payment)
  • Payments of all fees (bank transfers, on-line payments), records of payments
  • Communication with participants in a standardized manner
  • Statistical assessment of data for event evaluation and also for subsequent comparisons across the years

We have a solution for you:

We have our own conference registration system which allows on-line registration and communication with participants through their personal user account.

The system enables part of the website of the conference/congress and participants communicate with the organizers through their account created by completing a form with personal information and the subsequent allocation of a personal access code.